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  1. Das Rolex-Zifferblatt und seine Bedeutung: Rail Dial bei der Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 Die Bezeichnung Rail Dial steht für eine Reihe von Rolex-Zifferblättern, die vom Zulieferer Stern gefertigt wurden und sich in der Anordnung der Schriftzüge unterhalb der mittleren Zeigeraufnahme unterscheiden
  2. ute track. Sometimes the terms rail dial and radial dial are erroneously used interchangeably
  3. Rolex 1665 - The Rail Dial Baron - Mr Red The 1665 Double Red Sea-Dweller (DRSD) has a very broad following amongst vintage Rolex collectors. There are entire websites devoted to the history, details and intricacies of this great watch
  4. Thus, the Rail Dial1665 is a perfect substitution for COMEX for everyday use. The Rail Dial has got a hidden story of Stern Company (and its relationship with COMEX). It is a kind of fun to imagine that this Rail Dial might have been sent to COMEX in late 1970's
  5. Rolex Sea-Dweller Reference 1665 with rail dial on the wrist The watch is really comfortable to wear despite its hefty size and, in particular, its height of 17.7 mm. It is actually surprisingly light, weighing less than 129.58 grams
  6. It was introduced in 1985, and was the first Rolex model fitted with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Produced for only a few years, white dial examples have become a collector's favourite due to a manufacturing flaw, with the original white color turning a very pleasing ivory or cream hue over time. Earliest version so the reference provide further intrigue with their attractive rail dial configuration found in the perfect alignment of the vertical space between the written.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Vintage - Rail Dial - Box / Papiere Ref. 1665. EUR 29.480,00. inkl. MwSt -- zzgl. Versandkosten. Rolex Sea-Dweller Vintage - Rail Dial - Box / Papiere Ref. 1665. EUR 29.480,00. inkl. MwSt -- zzgl. Versandkosten. SEHR GUTER ZUSTAND mit Rolex Box und Papieren Code: 212015 Marke: Rolex Modell:... Zum Artikel Rolex GMT-Master Vintage - NATO - Spider Ref.16750. EUR 18.480,00. inkl. Rolex-Zifferblatt: Chocolate Dial Der Begriff Chocolate-Dial wird für zwei verschiedene Arten von Zifferblättern verwendet I would say it is a fine rail dial... Regards Anatol Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatal Today i had the opportunity to buy back a rare rolex 1665 seadweller with rail dial and transitional caseback, serial 5,7 million i sold last year. It was from a friend who wanted to move on in his collection..so i did. After i got it in, i started to examine it with other late 5 million 1665's i have..What i noticed comparing it to a 6 million 1665 rail dailed seadweller was, the difference in caseback and also the difference in dial conversion. Dieses Fullset beinhaltet eine traumhafte Rolex Explorer 1655 mit einem seltenen Rail-Dial-Zifferblatt. Die Uhr stammt aus dem Jahre 1977 und wurde 1978 in Deutschland (LC 100) verkauft. Die erste Rolex Explorer 1655 wurde in 1971 vorgestellt. Das Markenzeichen dieser Uhr ist der oranger 24-Stunden-Zeiger, weshalb dieses Modell auch Orange Hand oder Freccione (italienisch für Zeiger) genannt wird. Mit Hilfe dieses Zeigers lässt sich die Zeit im 24-Stunden Format auf der Lünette.

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  1. It was offered in both a glossy black dial and white dial version, but the white dial (polar) is now particularly sought after by collectors. A defect in the paint has caused the dials to take on a creamy patina over time. With the Ref. 16550, Rolex bumped the case size from the vintage Ref. 1655 up to 40mm, changed to a sapphire crystal, and added the new caliber 3085, which allows the 24-hour hand to be independently adjusted. Compared to other transitional references, the.
  2. Preis: 24.250.-€. Immaculate 1665 Sea Dweller with rare Rail Dial, perfect bright colors on Dial & Hands, very strong Case & a MK3 Black Insert
  3. Rolex Explorer II GMT Red Hand Black Patina Markers Steel 40mm... Rolex Explorer II 16550 Cream Dial Fullset Rolex Service First... Rolex Vintage Explorer II Cream-Panna Ref-16550 Stainless... Rolex Explorer II 16550 Men Automatic Vintage Unpolished Rail... Rolex Explorer II 16550 Vintage Spider Rail Dial Automatic..
  4. Model name: Rolex Sea-Dweller MK2 Rail Dial Ghost Bezel CIRCA 1979. Reference: 1665. Description: The 1665 dials with the Rail rare quite rare nowadays since Rail Dials were made by the Stern Company who made the 600 meters COMEX 1665 dials and for only 2 years period. 1977-79. Serial: 6 million Circa 1979

1979 Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 Rail Dial. Often referred to as the The Great White by collectors, this is because of the all white text rather than a touch of red like its predecessor. Made for only two years from 1977-1979 and being the last of the Rolex Sea-Dweller to have a Plexi glass makes it extra special Rolex Explorer II 1655 Orange Hand rare Rail Dial - DressWatch

Check out these crazy pieces, from a Rolex Datejust with a pink patina'd bezel, a mint Tudor Date, to two very different but immensely stylish Omegas. Grab them before they go! Music :: FRE3 FLY v It seems that by the end of the 16550s run, Rolex corrected the dial defect and utilized dials and handsets from the upcoming reference 16570, which had black hour surrounds and hands instead of white gold. Whether these watches were born with the new parts, or whether they were being changed out after the fact (by the consumer or Rolex service), it's not completely clear. Logically speaking, Rolex has been known to pull parts from different models when necessary, so it makes. Called the Rail Dial because of the alignment of the SCOC text, these dials were manufactured for Rolex by Cadrans Stern, who also made the Comex 1665 dials. This particular example features a beautiful creamy patina with matching hands It was also the first model to feature a Helium Escape Valve fitted to a commercially-available Rolex. This particular example, a Reference 1665, features a short run 'Rail Dial' and is in absolutely incredible condition, featuring a richly patinated and crisp matte dial, beautifully matching handset, and even the correct early silver date wheel. Better yet, this pristine example comes complete with its inner box, booklets, hangtags (with serial!), papers from original sale in February of.

Rolex Sea Dweller Thin Case Tropical -- Box & original... Rolex 1665 Double Red Sea-Dweller (perfect dial / factory... Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 white dial from 1978 | Rolex service... Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 Full Set with original receipt from... Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665, Strichindizes, 1983, Gut, Gehäuse.. Rolex 1665 Rail Dial Full Set. Rolex Sea Dweller 5.2 Mio rail dial 29.900,00 € / inkl. MwSt,. Description. ROLEX COMEX Sea Dweller Rail Dail Ref. 1665, wot ID: 25822 CASE screwed case, steel, acrylic glass domed, rotating bezel, screw-down crown, helium valve, d=40mm; MOVEMENT caliber Rolex 1570, automatic, chronometer, date; DIAL original Tritium.dial and hands, RAIL DIAL 600meter; BRACELET heavy oyster bracelet, fliplock deployant clasp * COMEX, very rare 600meter Rail Dail versio Diese Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 Rail Dial mit originaler Box und originalen Papieren ist ein seltenes Beispiel einer historischen und legendären Uhr. Die Mark II der Referenz 1665 trägt den Namen Rail Dial, da die Lücken zwischen den Superlative Chronometer und Officially Certified exakt untereinander sind. Bei allen früheren und späteren Versionen der Sea-Dweller sind diese Lücken. Rolex Seadweller 1665 Rail is the mark 2 of the white Seadweller. The main feature of this watch is the particular alignment of the COSC written: Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified.This dial has been produced by Stern

Rolex Explorer II Rail Spider Dial. CHF 14'000. Gewerblicher Händler. 144. CH. Rolex Explorer II. CHF 10'988. Gewerblicher Händler. 121. UK. Rolex Explorer II 216570 (2012)- CODE 110 FRANCE. CHF 11'286. Gewerblicher Händler. 15. FR. Rolex Explorer II. CHF 9'540. Kostenloser Versand. Gewerblicher Händler . 752. UK. Rolex Explorer II 1655 Freccione Steve McQueen Paper. CHF 31'758. Rolex Rail Dial Explorer II. SOLD. SKU: fgh5tv34ts3 Categories: Diver/Sport/Other watches, Rolex, Sold Watches. Description Additional information Description . The Rolex Explorer II debuted in 1971, given the Reference 1655, and was an extension of Rolex's Explorer line, creating a rugged sports watch, also featuring a GMT function. This GMT function is delineated by the addition of.

After all, this was the first serially produced Rolex sport model with a white dial option. Cream dials are actually not found on all examples either. Toward the end of the production, Rolex recognized and corrected their flaw meaning some white dialed ref. 16550s just stay white. An additional detail of this example is the rail dial orientation of the text in the lower half of the dial. Sigma dials can be found on Rolex watches dating from the early 1970s until the latter part of the decade; however they can sometimes be found on Rolex watches from the late 1960s, as the Sigma symbol was being used by certain dial manufacturers before it became officially adopted in the early 1970s . Rolex Sigma dials have two σ marks surrounding the T SWISS T signature just. Rolex Sea-Dweller Vintage - Rail Dial - Box / Papiere Ref. 1665. EUR 29.480,00. inkl. MwSt -- zzgl. Versandkoste The present example dates to 1975 (4.0m serial). This example also features the most uncommon variant of the Explorer II line - the not-often-seen rail dial, meaning that the text Superlative Chronometer and Officially Certified line up on top of each other evenly. This Rolex Explorer II in exemplary condition. The lugs are thick and even, and have been professionally recut to give the appearance of the original bevels.. The dial is completely immaculate, with not a.

Rolex 16550 Explorer II Transitional Cream Rail Dial. The cream-colored dial is the result of a defective batch of white paint used by Rolex for a short period of time, stainless steel case is sharp with thick lugs, stainless steel 78360 oyster bracelet and clasp with 501 endlinks, automatic Rolex caliber 3085 movement, beautifully aged original luminous tritium hands and hour markers. Mark Dials: Specifically, they are Mark 0 through 7, and they chronologically denote differences in Sea-Dweller dial variations. The lower numbers are older and typically more valued. Those designated 0 through 4 are original dials, whereas 5 through 7 are Rolex replacement dials. Rail Dial: Now, look closer. Look at the two lines of text.

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Rolex. An extremely rare stainless steel automatic wristwatch with rail dial, date, gas escape valve and bracelet, made for COMEX Signed Rolex, Oyster Perpetual, COMEX, 2000ft=600m, Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified, Sea-Dweller model, ref. 1665, case no. 6'193'089, Comex issue no. 2220, circa 198 Home / Shop / Teile ansehen / Rolex / Zifferblätter / ~ Vintage Rolex # 1655 EXPLORER II Mattschwarz Refinished RAIL Dial ~ ~ Vintage Rolex # 1655 EXPLORER II Mattschwarz Nachgearbeitetes RAIL Zifferblatt ~ $ 168.00 (Stand 5. Februar 2021, 11:26 Uhr Rolex Dials. Filter By. Filter By. Price. Under $110 (5) $111 - $200 (38) $201 - $290 (2) $291 - $380 (1) $381 & Above (3

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Dial: signed by maker and retailer Case: screw back, inside case back stamped 1665, 39.5 mm diam., signed With: stainless steel Rolex Oyster bracelet stamped 93150, deployant clasp stamped VC, endlinks stamped 585, overall length of approximately 175 m The to each glossy Rolex dial unique tiny cracks are only visible when you play with the light. Furthermore we see that the top part of the Rolex print is punched in the dial and as well the 'submariner print. The depth rating and OCC are added later, on top of the finished lacquer, making it possible for Rolex to print 1 dial and later modify it for their needs. Not many Rolex collectors. Rolex Day-Date 18K YG Gold Dial Pinball Indexes 18038. HKD $87,000.0. Add to cart. Brand: Rolex Model: 18038 Year: 1983 Serial number: 81xxxxx Reference: C03254; OT1257 Case: 18K Yellow Gold 36mm without crown; Show... Add to Wishlist Rolex only produced the 16550 for about four years, from 1985 to 1989, making it a rather rare model amongst its peers, the black gloss dial with white gold hands and hour marker surrounds were similar to the dials of the Submariner and GMT Master, pay close attention to the Superlative Chronometer; Official Certified wording on the bottom half of the dial Spider Rail Dial 40mm 3085 schwarz Rail Dial 78360/501 SC L

The Rolex Sea-Dweller Rail dial is incredibly challenging to find. They are found in vintage models, and also, Rolex has produced a very few examples of it in the first place. Now: The Sea-Dweller Rail Dial comes with a Tritium indication at the 6 o'clock position. You will notice that it features the T Swiss T <25 marking. Overall, the fact is that all Rail dials are also Tritium dials. On the contrary, all Tritium dials are not Rail dials Dial: cream 'rail' Calibre: cal. 3085 automatic, 27 jewels. Case: stainless steel, screw-down back. Case number: R'828'043. Closure: stainless steel Rolex Oyster bracelet and folding clasp. Dimensions: 40 mm, bracelet circumference approx. 175 mm. Signed: case, dial and movement. Accessories: Rolex guarantee and presentation bo As with most vintage Rolex watches that were in production for a good amount of time, the Explorer ref. 1655 underwent a few dial modifications within the same reference. Rolex enthusiasts and collectors label these different dial designs as MARK 1/2/3/4/5 dials Rolex Sea-Dweller Rail Dial 1665 (SOLD

The 'Rail Dial' appeared on the market in 1977 and was in production for only two years. It's called this way because the two lines of text - Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified - above the 6-hour position are displayed in a certain way in which the Cs of Chronometer and Certified line up as straight as a train rail. The Rolex Sea-Dweller reference 1665 is also nicknamed. These are called rail dial Sea-Dwellers and they're possibly the most desirable Great White variant. Indeed, the Compagnie d'Exploration was a prime client for the gas escape valve and after purchasing a few Submariners custom-fitted with a valve, it settled on the Sea-Dweller long term. Red color aside, the Great White is very similar to the DRSD: It retained the same 1665 reference.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Reference 1665 With 'Rare' Rail Dial

Pre-Owned Vintage Rolex Cream Rail Dial Explorer II ref. #16550 with Original Papers. Sold, Sold Vintage Rolex. Size guide. Please create a page with name Size Guide to display your size guide. Product Enquiry. Related. Out of stock. SKU: 42751. Tag: Dealer. share social; Description; Product Enquiry ; A late R series example of this uncommon model, boasting a beautiful original. Vintage Rolex Sea Dweller 1665 Rail Dial Great White. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out Beside the rail dial there is another interesting anomaly with the luminious dot of the second hand positioned more to the end of the hand. This second hand was used only a very short time beginning of the 80ies with dial variant 3. The dot is positioned approx. 68 % instead of normally 56 % of the length of the hand: (Source: RLX-Member savoy-truffle) I would like to point out, that the a.m.

Aber ich glaube, Stick-Dial oder Rail-Dial (um gar nicht erst mit dem Nipple-Dial anzufangen), dass gibts auch nur bei Rolex Aber wie auch immer, jedenfalls finde ich die GMT II mit der Rot-Schwarzer Lünette extrem schick, insofern Glückwunsch! 27.06.2011 #4 monkey. Dabei seit 04.11.2010 Beiträge 168. Höhere Preise werden oft angesetzt, ob Sie tatsächlich gezahlt werden bezweifel. Rolex Explorer II 16550 Cream Rail Dial. Sold / INQUIRE ABOUT THIS WATCH. PHONE/WhatsApp: +31 681 028 859. THE TRANSITIONAL CREAM RAIL EXPLORER. This Explorer 2 is a transitional era watch, when Rolex first began utilising sapphire glass crystals on their sports watches. This watch benefits from being accompanied by its original boxes and papers. These watches featured dials that were known to. Rolex Sea-Dweller Vintage - Rail Dial - FULL SET Ref. 1665. 32 980 € Gewerblicher Händler. 534. DE. Rolex Sea Dweller 1665 Vintage 1978 Mark I Stainless Steel 40mm. 18 464 € Gewerblicher Händler. 809. CH. Rolex Sea-Dweller. 24 335 € Gewerblicher Händler. 15. CH. Rolex 1974 1665 Double Red Sea-Dweller Sea Dweller MkIV. 43 400 € Kostenloser Versand. Gewerblicher Händler. 39. ES.

Rolex Freccione MK1 Straight Hand Brown Dial+Service Rolex 24... $ 30,560. Professional dealer. 104. IT. Rolex Explorer II 1655 1980 Ref 1655 $ 25,162. Professional dealer. 425. UK. Rolex Freccione MK4 McQueen 1979 NEW ROLEX SERVICE $ 29,277. Professional dealer. 1433. NL. Rolex Explorer II 1655 Freccione MK1 STRAIGHT HAND 1972 +... $ 32,150. Private Seller . IT. Rolex Explorer II mk2 dial. A Rolex Rail Dial refers to the instance where the letter C in Chronometer is nicely aligned with the letter C in Certified in the 'Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified' text on the dial. While the real origins of the nickname rail is unknown, we can only assume it is because the two letters Cs line up like tracks. The words Chronometer and. However, the fact is that both watches have unique differences between them. And interestingly, the difference lies on their dial. Today, let's take a closer look at the Sea-Dweller 1665 with Tritium and Rail dials and find out the key features that make them unique. The Rolex Sea-Dweller 1655: Tritium Dial

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  1. Rolex Explorer II - White Dial. For the reader that pays attention, that last sentence indicates that we're talking a pre-owned or vintage one. As I am a bit reluctant to purchase a vintage Rolex for the obvious reasons, including their price point (for a nice one), I decided I am going 1990s. Neo-vintage, as some would call this. I thought about getting something in bi-colour, or gold.
  2. Rolex GMT-Master (1981-1988), Ref. 16750, 16753, 16758; Compared to the predecessor Cal. 1575, Cal. 3075 was much-improved. The balance speed was increased from 19,800 to 28,800 A/h and it gained a quickset date feature, though it only advances the date wheel. The hacking balance wheel features a Breguet overcoil and Microstella regulation. One subtle difference between Cal. 3075 and the.
  3. Während es für den gefälschten Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 so viele verschiedene Zifferblattvarianten gibt, ist das Rail Dial unglaublich selten, da es nur für zwei Jahre hergestellt wurde. Zwischen 1977 und 1979 wurde der ref. 1665 konnte mit einem besonderen Merkmal gefunden werden, das die Textzeilen Chronometer der Superlative und Offiziell zertifiziert umfasste, die über der.

Rolex. Ref. 16550 Model: Explorer II, Rail Dial A rare and attractive stainless steel wristwatch with ivory rail dial, 24-hour hand, center seconds, and bracelet, sold to benefit the Institute for Digital Archaeology. Estimate $8,000 - 12,000 Sold for $25,200. Favorite. Share. Email Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Create your first list. A way to share and manage lots. Create Cancel. Rolex. Ref. ROLEX, OYSTER PERPETUAL DATE, « GREAT WHITE » SEA-DWELLER, REF. 1665, « RAIL DIAL », AKA RDWSD ICONEEK price: SOLD Iconeek is proud to introduce here a very attractive and rare self-winding, stainless steel, water-resistant, tonneau-shaped, diver's wristwatch with date, sweep center second and first generation helium escape valve

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Rolex Explorer II RAIL SPIDER DIAL CHICCHI DI MAIS Full Set 16550. 18 000 € Gewerblicher Händler. 37. IT. Rolex 16550 Vintage Explorer II R Series Last Batch. 10 919 € Gewerblicher Händler. 10. HK. Rolex Explorer II 16550 Men Automatic Vintage Unpolished Rail... 9 750 € Gewerblicher Händler. 172. US. Rolex Explorer II 16550 punched papers 1989 & service 2011. 11 720 € Kostenloser. eBay Kleinanzeigen | Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Anzeigen.

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Vendue. Série 1665. Cadran COMEX Rail Dial. Plongeur N°: 20XX. Année 1977. Papiers de service ROLEX. Note : 20/20. Ref 9759 Manufacturer: Rolex Year: 1986 Reference No: 16550 Movement No: 1'489'570 Case No: 9'375'898 Model Name: Explorer II, Cream Rail Dial Material: Stainless steel Calibre: Automatic, cal. 3085, 27 jewels Bracelet/Strap: Stainless steel Rolex Oyster, stamped 78360, end links stamped 501, max length 185mm Clasp/Buckle: Stainless steel folding deployant clasp Dimensions: 39mm Diameter Signed: Case, dial, movement and bracelet signed Accessories: Rolex Official Chronometer Certification dating. 1979 Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 Rail Dial $31,550 Rail Dial Case: The previously polished case is excellent and features sharp and prominent bevels. The fat font bezel insert is also excellent and has faded to dark satin grey tone. Dial: This Rail Dial is nearly flawless showing only one tiny chip to the small second index marker directly below the 6 o'clock at the very edge of the dial.

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  1. Dial Rolex Sea Dweller Rail Dial Ref 1665 This Dial Rolex Refinished PRICE REQUEST DRS-035. $0 Add: Dial Rolex GMT Pan Am ref 6542. Dial Rolex GMT Pan Am ref 6542This Dial Rolex RefinishedPRICE REQUEST DRP-080. $0 Add: One Set Dial & Hands for Tudor Chronograph Monter Carlo Ref 7031/0 ,7032/0 Patina Lume. One Set Dial & Hands for Tudor Chronograph Monter Carlo Ref 7031/0 ,7032/0 Patina Lume.
  2. A few dial versions are known, based on small variations of the red writing. There are classified from Mark 0 to Mark 4, with Mark 5, 6, and 7 being later replacement dials from Rolex. As with most vintage watches, the earlier the configuration, the most valuable the watch - so you can expect prices for Mark 1 and 2 to be many times that of the more common Mark 4, while Single Red Sea-Dwellers almost never appear for sale. By now, a completely correct Single Red would very likely fetch.
  3. Regular price $11,950.00 — Sold Out. 1986 Rolex 16550 Explorer II Black Pumpkin Kintsugi dial. Regular price $12,350.00. 1997 Rolex 16528 Daytona - White on Gold. Regular price $33,250.00. 1994 Rolex 16520 Zenith Daytona - Box and Papers. Regular price $33,450.00. 1978 Rolex 1665 Rail-Dial Sea-Dweller
  4. Here is an early Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, from 1965, with the very rare dial variant with the word DAYTONA printed in red, arching over the lowest subdial. Normally, on 6239s 'DAYTONA' is either not present or is printed below 'COSMOGRAPH' at the top of the dial. Rarely, DAYTONA is found printed arching over the lowest subdial, and then it is almost invariably in matching.
  5. Excellent condition stainless steel Rolex Sea-Dweller with unusual rail dial and presented on an Oyster bracelet. The name of this model, the rail dial, comes from the unusual orientation of the words Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified to the lower part of the dial. The words are spaced such that it creates a visual rail. Rolex would change this orientation after a short period, making these rail dials unusual and highly collectible in the market

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In 2005, Rolex began engraving the serial number on the rehaut (French for 'flange') between the dial and the crystal as well as the 6' o'clock location. For a few years, Rolexes had two serial numbers engraved on them. Starting in 2008, Rolex stopped engraving the serial # at the case 6 o'clock location, using only the rehaut location. By 2010 this practice had gradually transitioned to all. 1978 Rolex 1665 Rail-Dial Sea-Dweller. Regular price $27,500.00 Description: 1978 Rolex 1665 sea-dweller. Excellent collectors grade 1665 with recently polished case with excellent beveling. The 1665 reference was the first dive watch to feature a helium escape valve. This allowed divers to dive to further depths and resurface without fearing their crystals popping off due to helium. From Kristian Haagen's 'Hashtags and Watches': a Rolex Sea-Dweller Rail Dial Reference 1665. In recent years, however, the 3135 has taken a backseat in lieu of the 32xx family, which has started to shine. It is my educated assumption that the 31xx movement family will be completely phased out in coming years, to be entirely replaced by the 32 series. But a long time ago, before these. This 'rail dial' Seadweller 1665 'Great White' is probably more rare then a Double red Seadweller 1665. The 'rail dials' were made by Beyer, which was a manufacturer for Rolex dials. A rail dial is recognizable by the outlining of the printed text. These type of dials can also be found on a ref. 1675 GMT Master or a ref. 1655 Explorer. Next to the rare dial, this Seadweller has a super nice. Dial: The matte black rail dial is excellent and shows little to no wear. The lume has aged to a warm sandy hue and the hands are matching. Bracelet: The 11 link oyster bracelet is excellent and shows light stretch. The clasp is stamped with a matching 1978 date code. Accessories: None

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This seldom seen Spider Rail dial came from a career RSC watchmaker. Technically considered defective given the crazing, and while not for everyone, this unique dial has oodles of character and presents nicely. The lume, which remains fully inta This stunning Rail Dial Rolex Sea Dweller is one of the Hottest Rolex Sports Models around. These Rail Dials were made by the Stern Company who made the 600 meters COMEX 1665 dials for a 2 year period , 1978-79. The watches serial number is 61*5971 which dates the watch to 1978. What does RAil Dial mean ? - The C of chronometer lines up with the C of certified of the line below. - The. The dials were made by Stern, which was a manufacturer for Rolex dials. The 'Rail Dial' can not only be found on the Sea-Dweller but also on certain GMT's (reference 1675), the Explorer (reference 1655) and Milgauss (reference 1019). This example dates back to 1978 and is in very good condition. The case is sharp maintaining its bevelled edges. Especially the dial is superb! The tritium.

Rolex Sea-Dweller MK2 Rail Dial Ghost Bezel 1665 CIRCA

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Rolex Explorer Ref. 1655 Freccione Mark III Rail Dial. Condividi sui social. 360 ° play. 426 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'rolexraildial' hashta Rolex datejust 2 replica 41mm; Rolex datejust replica 24mm damen; Rolex datejust replica 26mm damen; Rolex datejust replica 36mm; Rolex datejust replica 37mm; Rolex Day Date 2 replica 41mm; Rolex Day Date replica 36mm; Rolex daytona replica Uhren; Rolex Explorer 1 replica; Rolex explorer 2 replica; Rolex Gmt Master 1 replica; Rolex Gmt Master 2 replic Replica Rolex Air-King Uhr Oyster Perpetual Automatik Mit Schwarzem Zifferblatt 2 16201 ist als 1: 1 Größe und Gewicht wie die besten Uh Serial: 7635xxx. Year: 1983. Case: All Stainless Steel. Dimensions: 36mm excluding crown. Function: Dressy. Caliber: 27 Jewels Automatic cal. 3035. Strap: Original Rolex Oyster bracelet 78360 stamped V8 with 558 end links. Box/Papers: Yes/Yes

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Worldoftime presents high-quality and rare watches. Find Rolex watches online. If you want to sell your Rolex watch, we will be happy to advise you Dial: Flawless matte black Mark 2 rail dial. The lume on the hands and hour plots has aged to a creamy white hue and matches when seen live. Case: Previously polished 40mm stainless steel case in near mint condition. Newer reference 93150 bracelet in excellent condition with very little stretch. Movement: Rolex automatic caliber 1570 movement in good operating confition, service history i. 1979 Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 Mark II rail dial, 6.2 million serial number, comes with 93150 flip lock bracelet with 585 end-pieces. Feel free to come and check it out. +3. Watch-Navi 骨董時計 . 4. November 2020 · New Arrival (SOLD) 1991 Rolex Explorer 1 Ref. 14270 Black Out dial E5 serial, watch only, comes with Rolex service paper, 78360 heavy oyster bracelet. Feel free to come and check. ROLEX, REF. 1665, SEA-DWELLER RAIL DIAL, STEEL. Fine and very rare stainless steel self-winding wristwatch, with black rotating bezel, date and helium escape valve. Brand Rolex. Model Sea-Dweller. Reference 1665. Year Circa 1979. Movement No. D280482. Case No. 6100291. Bracelet Stainless steel Oyster bracelet Ref. 93150 end-links 580 with stainless steel deployant clasp signed. Caliber 1570.

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The HODINKEE Shop is an authorized retailer of new watches from a growing but carefully curated set of brands. By partnering directly with the brands we carry, we guarantee 100% authenticity of everything we sell. We even offer free shipping and returns, and a complimentary extended year warranty on all watches, so you can be confident you'll be happy with your purchase Feb 29, 2016 - @Rolex Reference 1665 Rail Dial meets @Rolex Reference 1665 Double Red Sea-Dweller Rolex - EXPLORER II - 16550 - Herren - 1980-1989 Automatik - Stahl - Garantie, Komplettset, Verpackung Ref.: 16550 (produced from around 1984 to 1988) Serial no. R7xxxxx Year 1988 - last production Oyster case in steel, diameter 40 mm. Screw-down steel case back - ref. 16550 Automatic movement, calibre: 3085 - serial 2 million Coeval white dial: no rail and SWISS - T 25 with little.

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