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The SEC's FAST Act Modernization and Simplification of Regulation S-K, requires companies, subject to Inline XBRL compliance, to tag the cover pages of Forms 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, 20-F and 40-F using Inline XBRL. Compliance phases in over a three year period, matching the compliance dates for Inline XBRL. Read a Q&A about FAST Act requirements Inline XBRL involves embedding XBRL data directly into the filing so that the disclosure document is both human-readable and machine-readable. The amendments are intended to improve the data's usefulness, timeliness, and quality, benefiting investors, other market participants, and other data users XBRL-enabled SEC filings will assist the automating of your filings, eventually reducing the costs of filings and decreasing the risks of inaccuracies. Analysts can immediately identify the precise information they want, import into their financial models using an Excel plug-in for a quick and accurate analysis


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  1. In 2004, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started to support the idea of U.S. public companies using XBRL for the filing of their financial statements. The SEC started the Voluntary Filing Program in February of 2005 and made XBRL filing a requirement in December of 2008
  2. SEC Filings. View all Vislink Technologies and xG Technology SEC Filings. XBRL Content. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an XML-based language used to electronically exchange business information. Below you will find links to our recent 10-Q and 10-K reports as well as links to XBRL content on the SEC website
  3. SEC Test Filing Warnings Q&A Aggregated Real-time Filing Errors This Q&A is intended as general guidance prepared by the XBRL US DQC (Data Quality Committee), and should not be relied upon as authoritative. Filers are encouraged to consult with their own legal and/or with the SEC directly

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Save XBRL Zip. The Save XBRL Zip menu item allows a zip file (*.zip) that contains the as-provided XBRL instance document and related custom taxonomy files to be saved locally. Settings. The Settings menu item provides the ability to customize Viewer features. Note that when logged into the application, a Save Settings button will appear at the top of the settings window to allow you to save. The SEC is seeking input on its proposals to switch from XBRL to iXBRL for financial statement filings for companies and mutual funds. The practical impact of this change would include a shift from dual filing, in which an HTML financial disclosure is filed as well as a separate XBRL document. Instead a single Inline [ This is a list of up to 200 of the latest XBRL filings, updated every 10 minutes. All XBRL Filings Submitted to the SEC. 10-K. Bionano Genomics, Inc (0001411690) (Filer) 10-K. Timber Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (0001504167) (Filer) 8-K. LIONS GATE ENTERTAINMENT CORP /CN/ (0000929351) (Filer) 8-K. New Fortress Energy Inc. (0001749723) (Filer) 10-K. Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (0001068689. In December 2020, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted new rules on resource extraction payment disclosure, which require XBRL-based reporting for the first time On 21 March XBRL US submitted a comment letter stating their support for quarterly filings in response to the SEC's request for input on the effects of mandated quarterly reporting


SEC Filings; SEC Filings (XBRL) Section 16 Filings; Stock Split History; SEC Filings. Search the SEC Edgar Database for Mircochip Filings Search the SEC Edgar Database for Mircochip's Section 16 filings This is a hyperlink to a third-party SEC Filing website and is not part of the Microchip website. Providing this link does not mean that Microchip endorses or accepts any responsibility for the. XBRL US has submitted a comment letter expressing support for the SEC proposal Disclosure of Payments by Resource Extraction Issuers, File Number S7-29-14. The proposal would require machine-readable XBRL for the disclosure of payments by resource extraction firms

Next Week the US SEC will hold a public meeting of the Commission that will focus on Inline XBRL. Yesterday the Securities and Exchange Commission announced an open meeting to be held on June 28, 2018, which will cover two rule proposals with an XBRL component: whether to adopt amendments to rules and forms to require the [ Best XBRL Filing, SEC & ESEF reporting services providers in USA & Europe. Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. is a global provider of products and services for Financial Regulatory Compliance and Financial Analytics For a historical archive of all filings with XBRL exhibits submitted to the SEC beginning with the inception of the voluntary program in 2005, go to http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/monthly/. Each monthly archive contains a complete set of all structured data filings received during that month across all programs Cytosorbents SEC Filings. CytoSorbents is a leader in critical care immunotherapy. The company is committed to serving the best interests of our patients and their families, our customers, our employees, and our shareholders

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In this article we're going to look at some issues with the XBRL data quality of company filings in the SEC's EDGAR database and show the surprising lack of correlation of high-level financial data extracted from the XBRL filings with publicly available financial data about US companies provided, e.g., by Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and Fidelity Investments, as well as the shocking. On June 28, 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) adopted a final rule, Inline XBRL Filing of Tagged Data, which substantially alters requirements related to the use of the eXentsible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format in operating companies' financial statement information and funds' risk/return summary information The XBRL US Database of Public Filings is a Postgres resource that is a benefit of XBRL US Membership. The Database mirrors the structure of the XBRL standard so that an XBRL instance document and associated schema can be loaded and stored. This structure makes it very flexible for use in any XBRL data collection environment

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  1. The SEC started the Voluntary Filing Program in February of 2005 and made XBRL filing a requirement in December of 2008. ZIP file collections of Eaton's XBRL financial statements are listed below and beginning with second quarter 2019 are only submitted electronically with a 10-Q or 10-K filed with the SEC
  2. RDG Filings offers both Quality Assurance Solutions and a post-filing review process to ensure your XBRL Taxonomy Construction and Tagging is of the highest quality and in line with the most current and approved SEC Taxonomy. Our QA processes meet and exceed all FASB, AICPA, and Industry guidelines and standards for XBRL tagging
  3. Our XBRL team is specially designed to assist SEC Filing Agents to provide fast and accudated XBRL servives to their clients. EDGARMaster TM. EDGARMaster TM is an SEC filings software that provides flexiblity and speed into preparing SEC compliant HTML documents. Our in-house EDGAR team is has been helping sereval SEC filings agents since many years and are familiar with the stringent.
  4. Our SEC filings software product is an accurate, inexpensive and easy to use regulatory financial filing alternative. edgar-services.com makes Crowdfunding SEC filings in HTML and XBRL formats. Other companies are Novaworks Software, Summit Financial Printing and RDG filings. We do 13-G regulatory filings for public companies. EDGARsuite financial filing software lets you meet SEC filing.

XBRL Filing Services Securex XBRL Filing Services. With our XBRL filing services, clients have direct access to a professional services team that works directly with their corporate accounting staff to prepare and coordinate all their SEC and Interactive Data XBRL submissions; communicating and collaborating through each step of the process.. Our team, located in the United States, is staffed. SEC XBRL Filings; Stock Information; CONTACT; Select Page. SEC XRBL Filings XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) is a language for the electronic communication of financial and business data. XBRL is one of many languages in the XML family for displaying information on the Internet. In early 2009, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted rules requiring public. EDGARsuite provides a total software solution for SEC filings of all types, including financial filings in XBRL, inline XBRL (iXBRL), HTML and ASCII. All required XBRL taxonomies are supported, including US-GAAP, Mutual Fund Risk/Return, IFRS, and others. The product includes templates for simple small-company filings, as well as all features required for large and complex XBRL/iXBRL filings. The DQC, which keeps SEC staff members informed of its rules and activities, consists of XBRL US (a national consortium) and an alliance of investors, data aggregators, issuers, and software..

This Heads Up discusses SEC Final Rule Release No. 33-10514, Inline XBRL Filing of Tagged Data, which requires registrants to use the Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language format in their submissions of operating company financial statement information and fund risk/return summary information XBRL is a required component of certain SEC filing types such as (but not limited to) 10-Q, 10-K, 20-F, 40-F, and certain 6-K forms and is included as an exhibit to the EDGAR HTML document According to pages 57 - 65 of the final XBRL rule, interactive data tagging is required for a filer's complete financial statements3 including any required financial statement schedules. Specifically, the final rule: requires the interactive data be filed as an exhibit to an HTML or ASCII filing This will load all SEC filing for the start of the XBRL pilot program in 2005 until 2014. WARNING: If you download all years available (2005-2014) this will be about 127,000 files and take about 18GB of data on your hard disk, so please use with caution, especially when you are on a slow Internet connection

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  1. SEC Filer Members and XBRL US Members with authorized access to CIKs can also use Tools for SEC Filers to run filings with the latest DQC-approved and XBRL US-developed checks, compare taxonomy versions and analyze company filings. Consider the benefits of membership for yourself or your organization
  2. Securex is highly flexible and responsive to all your filing needs. We are a full service financial printer providing EDGARizing, XBRL tagging, Section 16 filings, Newswire distribution and financial print services
  3. Results of a comparison of XBRL filings to Forms 10-K revealed multiple errors in signage, amounts, labeling, and classification. The study considers that these errors are serious, since XBRL data are computer-readable and users will not visually recognize the errors, especially when using XBRL analysis software. A different conclusion was reached by Du et al., 2013 who argued that companies.

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Cover. Document and Entity Information; Financial Statements. Consolidated Statements of Financial Position; Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Los SEC Increased Commitment on XBRL Tagging SEC Commissioner, Robert Jackson, has committed to continue using structured data in new SEC filings including 8-Ks, proxy statements and more to provide increased transparency to the market The example is simple, but it covers 90+ percent of what you would ever run up against in creating SEC XBRL filings. If you can create this example, you can move to the next level of XBRL expertise. If you cannot create this Basic Example, your foundation is not solid. This example helps build the right foundation. This example is a great use case to test software. The example is small.

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  1. There is currently no easy way to download XBRL files in the XML form that they can be downloaded in. Describe the solution you'd like Add xbrl.py file and XBRLFilings class to allow for this to be easily handled
  2. XBRL FILING RULES Page 2 of 44 Filing Rules version 4.4 EBA XBRL Filing Rules ontents Change History 4 Abbreviations 6 Normative references 6 Bibliography 6 Terms and definitions 7 Introduction 10 Scope of Application 10 asis in harmonized ^European Filing Rules guidance 11 Target Audience 11 Relationship to Other Work 11 Use of Language 12 1. Filing syntax rules 13 2. Instance syntax rules 19.
  3. Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d) Cover. Cover; Financial Statements. CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS; CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS (Parenthetical
  4. The SEC requires companies to file their 10-Qs and 10-Ks in XBRL and EDGAR HTML format together but some companies file their EDGAR HTML first and the XBRL later. This could be because either their XBRL is not ready yet, or it is ready however the Company has not reviewed it yet
  5. Reports & SEC Filings Group. Filing EX-101.SCH - XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION SCHEMA View HTML: Feb 24, 2021: 10-K: Annual report which provides a comprehensive overview of the company for the past year. Annual Filings. 0001109357-21-000022.pdf. 0001109357-21-000022.rtf. 0001109357-21-000022.xls. EX-101.SCH - XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION SCHEMA View HTML: Feb 18, 2021: 8-K: Report of unscheduled.
  6. XBRL Filings; SEC Filings; IR Contacts; Contact. Company Addresses; Top Managemen
  7. The processing of XBRL filings from the SEC's servers on our back-end system is done using RaptorXML+XBRL Server, a powerful XBRL processing engine that can be used as a platform for sophisticated financial systems. RaptorXML comes with a complete API and is fully scriptable using the built-in Python interpreter

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Southridge Services is a full-service SEC EDGAR filing agency dedicated to providing our clients with the highest levels of quality, promptness and personalized service at affordable rates. We convert electronic documents into SEC compliant HTML and XBRL formats. Here are some of the services that we offer: Conversion of documents into EDGAR ASCII, HTML, or XBRL formats Filing of all EDGAR. Since the voluntary filer program started for inline XBRL, over 150 companies have filed 500+ iXBRL filings with the SEC, as of June 18th. This works out to an average of 3.45 filings per company. Of those, nearly 70% were filed and prepared using Wdesk. While there have been a few inline filers who have moved back to traditional XBRL, the vast majority stay with inline XBRL SEC Filings. The following reports are available for download in PDF format. To view the PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat© Reader. To download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat® Reader CLICK HERE. It is available at no charge from Adobe. XBRL. 2020. 08/13/20 — 10-Q Second Quarter. 06/10/20 — 10-Q First Quarter XBRL filings. It is important to note the responses here are based on the rule requirements and through clarification via SEC telephone discussions, Office of Interactive Data responses to DFIN questions, staff interpretations on XBRL, and SEC guidance documents. All reference material can be found on the SEC website. THE 2018 TAXONOMY: XBRL FOR RISK/RETURNS What's new? The 2018 Risk/Return.

  1. Document Details. Form. 10-K. Filing Date. Feb 8, 2021. Document Date. Dec 31, 2020. Form Description. Annual report which provides a comprehensive overview of the company for the past year
  2. Download SEC filings. The actual XBRL filings can also be downloaded as zip archives from the SEC. The EDGAR RSS feeds contain amongst other meta-information the URL to the zip archive for a given filing. The script download_filings.py iterates over each feed items and downloads the zip archive into a filings subfolder. Please note that there.
  3. SEC Filings (EDGAR/XBRL) Stock Information . Key Statistics . Conference Calls/Events . Presentations. IR Contacts . Corporate Governance . Information Request . Stockholder Meeting Information . These links will open another window and redirect you to the selected Edgar filings. FORM. DIRECT LINK. 10-K. SEC Filings. 10-Q. SEC Filings. 8-K. SEC Filings . 4. SEC Filings. DEF 14A. SEC Filings.
  4. utes. The process overview is displayed after uploading/saving a XBRL file. Once the filing processing is complete, the link to the submitted or rejected filing is displayed in the last column of the process table. Web Editor
  5. Edgar and XBRL Tagging and Filing Services. We are an M2 registered agency. We are an Edgar and XBRL filing agent registered with the M2. Let us take care of your Edgar, XBRL filings. Contact us to get starte
  6. XBRL is an electronic language for financial reporting that is freely licensable, and based on XML framework. It acts as the standard in the financial circles for preparing, publishing in various formats, extracting and automatically exchanging financial statements of publicly-held companies and the information contained in them. XBRL filing requirements enhance the usability of the current.
  7. Although the SEC has been collecting XBRL data since 2009, the SEC has not used that data as often as it might, in part because of known quality issues with XBRL corporate filings. The perceived lack of use has frustrated issuers, regulators and some members of U.S. Congress alike. The goal of mandating financial statement submissions in iXBRL is that data provided by public companies will be.

ADDRESS. 6500 Trans-Canada Highway 4th Floor Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 0A5 CANAD Compliant Financial Reporting & Printing Services! sec edgar We provide complete services for Edgar/ XBRL/ Typesetting/ Printing /Interactive Data Posting/ Sedar Filings & Press Release! Phone: (212) 229-2012 or email: file@electrofilings.co SEC Filings. XBRL Files; Stifel is a diversified global wealth management and investment banking company focused on building relationships that help individuals, families, and organizations pursue their financial goals. The iconic image of the bull and bear shows the dedication and spirit of each member of our firm. We are individually and collectively committed to using the forces of the. SEC XBRL Financial Statement Dataset Dataset Producer. SECDatabase.com created dataset, and updated it regularly for the community.. Support Contact. Please write to info@secdatabase.com. XBRL Filings Included. All Annual and Quarterly Reports in XBRL filed to SEC on or before 2020-09-30

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They allow users the option of in importing data into an XBRL viewer. Paper copies of the Annual Report, 10-K, 10-Qs and Proxy Statement are available at no charge. Search XBRL Filings The SEC XBRL site is a free-to-use web application that allows you to view Moog's filings in the SEC Next-Generation EDGAR system. SEC XBRL Viewe Submitting your completed filings to the EDGAR system, ready for the SEC to review; Choose Colonial Filings today to meet all of your deadlines and ensure the accuracy of your filings, ultimately maintaining compliance with the SEC. Contact a sales representative to learn more about our XBRL Tagging services at 877-285-8605 or by clicking above 5 Easy Inline XBRL Tagging Rules to Master Your SEC Filing 1. Aligning Value Formats. The HTML report of an SEC filing is defined by each entity’s reporting style and hence varied... 2. Reversing Value Signage. Incorrect signs for values are one of the most common errors found in an XBRL document.. SEC Requires the Use of Inline XBRL in Certain Filings by Jeffrey Naumann and Nicole Shaw, Deloitte & Touche LLP Introduction On June 28, 2018, the SEC issued a final rule1 that requires registrants to use the Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language (iXBRL) format in their submissions of operatin Using and Understanding SEC EDGAR XBRL Filings Use the SEC Search page : The SEC Search page allows you to put in some information about an organization which must... List of XBRL Filings: Now, you can use the RSS feed (see below) to get a list of the last 100 filings made to the SEC in..

SEC Filings. Interactive Data Filings (XBRL) Annual Reports; Corporate Governanc The only exception to this is when filing a non-public correspondence document for an SEC examiner. The redlined PDF alone may be sent in the CORRESP document or submission. XBRL. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an emerging XML-based standard to define and exchange business and financial performance information. XBRL data. EDGARMaster TM & XBRLMaster TM are a complete SEC Filing Suite Designed for Filing Agents with proven capabilities to save overall costs up to 40%. SCHEDULE A DEMO; Multi-Level Users. Collaborate and track Jobs at multiple levels with heirarchy support. Shorten turnaround time while improving efficiency and quality . EDGAR & iXBRL. Prepare EDGAR Compliant Document, XBRL, iXBRL, Section 16. an XBRL taxonomy recognised to use as a base for filings in a given filing system byte order mark In UTF-8 documents, a sequence of characters (0xEF, 0xBB, 0xEF) that may be used to signal that th But XBRL has been touted as eliminating that process. The theory is, you open your spreadsheet and the numbers automatically appear! Well, it's not that easy, yet. I am working on it, but it will be awhile. Right now, what is freely available, and I mean both available to anyone and at no cost, is the SEC viewer. There is a free Firefox add-on, XBRL Addon (catchy name), but it doesn't.

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2015. 2014. 2013. More Recent Years. Older Years. 2nd Quarter 2018 XBRL Filings. Download. 1st Quarter 2018 XBRL Filings Filing with the SEC is complex, time consuming and high stakes. XBRL and EDGARized HTML reports serve as an official declaration to the public of the financial health of your company. As a member of the compliances services team at Certent with extensive SEC and XBRL knowledge, I understand the importance of telling an accurate financial story To subscribe to SEC filing email alerts, please enter your email address in the field below and select at least one alert option. After submitting your request, you will receive an activation email at the requested email address. You must click the activation link in order to complete your subscription. You can sign up for additional alert options at any time SEC Filings Basic Course: Annual: $149 SEC Filings Advanced Course: Annual: $195 SEC Ownership Filings Course: Annual: $169 XBRL Training for SEC Filers: Annual: $495 Ultimate SEC Filer's Package (includes all the above) $6,995 : $12,995 : $19,99 We've been preparing and filing XBRL reports with SEC EDGAR systems since 2011. Whether US GAAP or IFRS, XBRL or iXBRL, our team has the skills to handle all of your XBRL reporting requirements. Trusted by Professionals. Thousands of clients comprised of: Stock Exchanges, Transfer Agents, Law Firms, IR Firms, Mutual Funds, Investment Managers, Public Companies, Private Companies and Insiders.

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The SEC has issued a smattering of guidance over the years to try to drive better reporting, but the move to inline XBRL is the first substantial change to the XBRL filing requirement since it was adopted as mandatory in 2009. Under the newest amendments to the XBRL filing requirements, large accelerated filers must begin filing using inline XBRL in their first fiscal periods ending on or. EDGARsuite SEC EDGAR filing software lets you meet in-line XBRL SEC filing deadlines easily. Our cost-effective, straightforward SEC Compliance tool, EDGARsuite, is the ideal solution for SEC filings in multi-document iXBRL format. Use EDGARsuite to convert word to EDGAR HTML and iXBRL. EDGARsuite handles Exhibit 104 iXBRL. Use EDGARsuite to convert word documents to inline XBRL. EDGARsuite. SECfly is a one-stop solution for all your SEC filings. We provide cloud-based automation filing solutions and fully-managed SEC filing services to our customers across the globe. EDGAR. XBRL. iXBRL. PROXY HOSTING. FINANCIAL TRANSLATION. What We Can Do For You. Software & Services . SECfly is a license model, SAAS-based software suite that offers end-to-end SEC compliance solutions. Learn More.

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This is Django code that compiles a list of all SEC filings from EDGAR into SQL, allows you to download them at will, and parses 50+ key accounting terms from XBRL filings. It is also a Python XBRL parser that allows you to easily extract arbitrary XBRL terms while it handles the contexts, etc. appropriately SEC Filings for Financial Results Registrations with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after publication of our Annual Reports and Interim Reports are available as PDF files. If you would like to receive a printed copy of the latest SEC Form 20-F, please order via our e-mail address db.ir@db.com SEC Filings. SEC; XBRL; Insider Activity: Trading Statements; Shareholder Services; Contact Investor Relations. Contact Form; Request for Printed Materials; Subscribe to Email Alerts; Contact Directors; News. Press Releases; Media Contacts; Contact. Locations; Customer Information. Sales Order Terms and Conditions; Supplier Information. Supplier Standards; Supplier Sustainabilit Microsoft SEC Filings. Recent quarterly and annual filings are available from this web site in Microsoft Word format. Expanded and historical information is available from a third-party web site.* *: Provided by West. Download Recent Quarterly and Annual Filings. Fiscal Year 2021. First quarter Form 10Q ; Second quarter Form 10Q; Fiscal Year 2020. First quarter Form 10Q; Second quarter Form.

SEC Filings / XBRL. Corporate Governance. Annual Reports. FAQs. Filing Type: Filter by Filing Type View All 10-K 10-K/A 10-Q 10-Q/A 10KSB 10QSB 3 3/A 4 4/A 424B3 424B5 8-A12B 8-A12G 8-K 8-K/A ARS CERTNAS CORRESP CT ORDER D DEF 14A DEF 14C DEFA14A EFFECT FWP NT 10-K NT 10-Q POS AM PRE 14A PRE 14C S-1 S-1/A S-3 S-3/A S-3MEF S-8 SB-2 SB-2/A SC 13D SC. XBRL and iXBRL SEC Filings Process It enables filers at all levels to rapidly acquire the background and practical knowledge for making XBRL and iXBRL filings. It discusses XBRL/iXBRL details relevant to SEC filers, the software tools and procedures for accomplishing XBRL and iXBRL filings, potential pitfalls, and useful tips and tricks SEC Filings. Filings: All Filings Annual Reports Quarterly Reports Current Reports Proxy Statements Registration & Offerings Special Disclosures Statement of Acquisition Section 16 Forms 3, 4 & 5 Exclude Forms 3, 4 & 5. Year

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SEC Filings; Governance. Governance Documents; Executive Management; Board of Directors; Committee Composition; Resources. Information Request Form; Investor Email Alerts; RSS Feed The SEC EDGAR filing program has been in operation for several years, but until recently there has been little to compel filers to care very much about the quality of the XBRL documents being submitted. However, with the sending out of the so-called 'CFO Letters' in July 2014, the SEC showed that its attitude towards delinquent filers is hardening. The emphasis on the assurance of filings. xbrl filings XBRL is an XML-based language for the electronic transmission of business and financial data. XBRL is not an accounting standard; it is simply a standard for transmitting business and financial data XBRL Requirements. According to pages 65 - 70 of the official XBRL rule, XBRL is not required in an S-1 used to register securities in conjunction with an IPO. Form S-1s not being used as part of an IPO however, do require an XBRL component. In the event XBRL is required, we use proprietary software to merge the XBRL from prior 10-Qs and 10-Ks into a single set of XBRL files, effectively.

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Pressure is building from Congress and investors to improve the quality of XBRL filings, and the SEC views Inline XBRL as one way to improve data quality. In addition to the problems of maintaining two separate formats, we know that filers sometimes change their XBRL tagging to achieve a particular rendering effect from the SEC Interactive Data viewer. As accountants, we have a strong desire. SEC Filings; Financials & Metrics; Corporate Governance. Governance Documents; Board of Directors; Committee Composition; ESG Investors; Resources & Contact. FAQ; Contact Us; Receive Notifications ; Analyst Coverage; RSS Feeds; Form 10-K. January 31, 2020. Annual Report. Word Format Download (opens in new window) PDF Format Download (opens in new window) XBRL Format Download (opens in new. EDGAR Filing - SEC filing tools and services. Disclosure, Regulatory Filing, and XBRL Solutions. SEC Compliant Press Releases, SEC XBRL filing services SEC Filings / XBRL. Investors Investors. Overview; News; Events; Stock Data. Quote; Charts; Historical Data; Trades; Analyst Coverage; SEC Filings / XBRL; Corporate Governance; Annual Reports; FAQs; Filing Type: Year: Date Form Description PDF XBRL Pages; 04/09/19: 8-K: Current report filing. Documents . EX-99.1. 5: 03/22/19: DEF 14A: Definitive proxy statements: 60: 03/19/19: SC 13G: Schedule. CleanScore. Verify your filing before you submit to the SEC. Prove that your filing is correct, consistent, complete, and accurate

Inline XBRL eliminates duplicative SEC filing requirements because it allows the standardized, machine-readable format to be integrated within companies' HTML filings. We wanted to be the first provider to offer Inline XBRL to streamline SEC compliance, said Marty Vanderploeg, President and COO of Workiva. It's important to our customers, which accounted for more than 50 percent of. SECfly is the World's 1st Cloud-based Single Source automation software for SEC Compliance and Reporting in EDGAR, XBRL and inline XBRL Filings. SECfly's Response to Covid-19 Click Here. 24/7 Customer Service | (646) 693-7249; Home; About Us; Products. Automation; Managed Filings; Mutual Funds; Solutions. EDGAR/XBRL/iXBRL; Proxy Hosting; Financial Translation; IPO / M&A; Risk & Controls; SOX. All SEC Filings. Schedule filed to report acquisition of beneficial ownership of 5% or more of a class of equity securities by passive investors and certain institutions. Schedule filed to report acquisition of beneficial ownership of 5% or more of a class of equity securities by passive investors and certain institutions

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SEC EDGAR Filing Services and Registered EDGAR Filing Agent - Forms 10-Q, 10-K, 8-K, S-1, 13-H LTID, 13-F, Form D - including HTML EDGAR and XBRL tagging - very cost-effective reasonable priced SEC EDGAR filing agent and service provider SEC FILINGS. XBRL FILINGS. OSLO BØRS FILINGS. DIVIDEND HISTORY COMMON SHARES (NYSE:DSX) DIVIDEND HISTORY PREFERRED SHARES (NYSE:DSXPRB) COUPON HISTORY SENIOR NOTES (NYSE:DSXN) COUPON HISTORY SENIOR UNSECURED BONDS (OSLO: DIASH01) ANALYST COVERAGE. SELECTED IRS FORMS XBRL Filings XBRL is an XML-based language for the electronic transmission of business and financial data. XBRL is not an. SEC Filing Details. Document Details. Form. 10-Q Filing Date. Aug 10, 2020. Document Date. Jun 30, 2020. Form Description . Quarterly report which provides a continuing view of a company's financial position. Filing Group. Quarterly Filings. Company. Dropbox. Issuer. Dropbox, Inc. Filing Formats. View HTML. Download PDF. Download DOC. Download XLS. XBRL. XBRL Viewer. EX-101.SCH - XBRL TAXONOMY.

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