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Forged in Fire: The Makraka Sword OBLITERATES the Final

Watch all new episodes of Forged in Fire returning Wednesday, July 15 at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at https://h.. Get the facts about the sickle-shaped knife that originated in Central Africa. #ForgedInFireSubscribe for more from Forged in Fire and other great HISTORY sh.. The makhaira is a type of Ancient Greek bladed weapon, generally a large knife or sword with a single cutting edge 71 cm, 28 in 300 € Back to Tribal Weapons Makraka sword, Zande D.R. Congo/Sudan

Makraka sword, Zande D

Forged in Fire: Bonus - What Is A Makraka? (Season 4

  1. Makraka sword, Zande D.R. Congo/Sudan. — Karlsson | Wickman. 71 cm, 28 in 300 € Saved by Eric Klisman. People also love these ideas.
  2. Das afrikanische Wurfeisen ist eine sichelartige, oft mehrklingige Wurf- oder Hiebwaffe, die in verschiedenen Kulturen Zentralafrikas bis ins 20. Jahrhundert verwendet wurde. Wie der australische Bumerang drehen sich wurftaugliche Wurfeisen im Flug um den Massenmittelpunkt. Vielfach sind Wurfeisen jedoch nicht tatsächlich wurftauglich; sie wurden als Statussymbol, Primitivgeld oder als ritueller Gegenstand verwendet. Das Wurfeisen als mehrklingige Wurfwaffe kommt ausschließlich.
  3. curved with the blade on the inside of the curve rather than the outside like on a katana. also with the blade of set from the handle o.k. to describe my perfect sword picture a scythe blade 14 inches long attached at the base to a solid square bar that tapers/curves to roundness the tapers flat to become the blade the bar is roughly 6 to 8 inches and then is at a 90 degree turn to a round.
  4. The khopesh (ḫpš; also vocalized khepesh) is an Egyptian sickle-sword that evolved from battle axes. A typical khopesh is 50-60 cm (20-24 inches) in length, though smaller examples also exist. The inside curve of the weapon could be used to trap an opponent's arm, or to pull an opponent's shield out of the way
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The most exotic weapons forged there are always the ones from the African continent. Please google Kpinga throwing knife, Makraka sword, Zappozap, ida sword is less spectacular but it is worth checking etc, better check their site. Zappozap, Ritual Axe from Congo Makraka sword from Suda Makraka sword, Zande D.R. Congo/Sudan. — Karlsson | Wickman. September 2020. 71 cm, 28 in 300 € Saved by MUINDI. 3. People also love these ideas. The Azande are an ethnic group of North Central Africa. They live primarily in the northeastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in south-central and southwestern part of South Sudan, and in southeastern Central African Republic. The Congolese Azande live in Orientale Province, specifically along the Uele River; Isiro, Dungu, Kisangani and Duruma. The Central African Azande live in the districts of Rafaï, Bangasu and Obo. The Azande of South Sudan live in Central.

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  1. Sickle Sword - Metal, Wood - Makraka - Nzakara - DR Congo. Bandia Binja sickle sword from the BOA tribe of the D.R Congo. Condition: Good. The blade has magnificent engravings, and the handle has a wonderful patina. Origin: D.R Congo. The length of the sword is 85cm while the width of the blade is 5cm. The lot will be sent insured and with track.
  2. The Makraka [INCORRECT NAME] is a sickle shaped weapon with its cutting edge on the inside curve of the blade [TRUE]. It was notably used by the Azande tribe, a dangerous clan that invaded and conquered central Africa in the early 1800s [TRUE with EXAGGERATIONS]. With the help of th
  3. The arakh is the standard weapon used by Dothraki warriors. It has a crescent moon-shaped, curved blade about two and a half feet long and a thick handle almost the same length, making it half-sword and half-scythe. Although unable to penetrate armor, the arakh gives the wielder tremendous maneuverability of wrists
  4. For other uses, see Curved Swords (disambiguation). Main article: Weapon Types Curved Swords are a type of weapon in Dark Souls. Curved Swords are very similar to Straight Swords, but have less range and a higher attack speed. This is suitable for confined spaces where enemies will have trouble dodging or blocking long strings of attacks. Curved Swords perform mostly Slashing attacks with very.
  5. Every British forger has their own unique approach to this ancient craft, and we're visiting some of the best to demonstrate how they create blades from scratch and share their some of their age-old knowledge

The clip of Doug Marcaida and David Baker is just too amazing. #forgedinfire #historychannel #dougmarcaida #itwillkill #itwillkeal #davidbaker #karambit #knive Rare Yakoma, Ngbandi ceremonial copper knife, Central African Republic & DRC Each had to make a Makraka, a sickle-shaped African sword about 19 inches long that was used in the early 1800s, often to decapitate the enemy during battle. The cutting edge is on the inside of. A clip from the show forged in fire season 3 episode 3---Thanks for watching and please like and subscribe for more epic tv clips

Makraka sword, Zande D

The close ranged weapons are normally the weapons with one of the highet fatalities. This group can alternte in cases like the tomahawk and can become a mid or long ranged weapons Close Range: Makraka, Zande Fighting Knife; Mid Range: Light Makrigga, Heavy Makrigga; Long Range: Kpinga, Botto & Pima; Special Weapons: Zande Sword; Armor: Zande Battle Wear, Ceremonial Headdress; Brutal Finisher: The Zande slashes 2 times at his opponent, then his opponent tries to run away, but the Zande throw his Makraka at his opponent's leg left as the Zande ready for his Makrigga as. Makraka Knife: The Makraka had a sickle-shaped blade that widens near the tip, with the cutting edge . on the concave side of the blade. The handle is wooden covered in hide to increase the grip. Normally, it was often used in executions but it could also serve as a secondary weapon in combat. Mostly used for swining as oppposed to stabbing like an a sword and was around 1-2 feet long. Medium. The remaining smiths have five days to create an iconic 15th-century combat sword--the Katzbalger. Where to Watch. Where to Watch. Season 4, Episode 4. Makraka April 25, 2017. Season 4, Episode 4.

«Forged in Fire»-Spin-off bei HISTORY ab Januar. 27.11.20 Im neuen Wettkampfformat kämpfen die Sieger des Mutterformats um die Gunst der Jury, um das Preisgeld von 10.000 US-Dollar zu gewinnen. Weapon-makers go head-to-head building everything from Viking battle axes to Samurai swords to Indian claw daggers. Episodes. Season: Season 1 Episode Guide. 1 - Japanese Katana #1. Japanese Katana: Four bladesmiths compete for a $10,000 prize by forging the finest Japanese Katana blade - a weapon designed to cut as it is unsheathed. (S1, ep 1) 2 - Crusader Sword #2. Crusader Sword: The.

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  1. Das Makraka - Makraka: Folge 5 : Publikumslieblinge - Fans' Choice: Folge 6 : Das Akrafena - Akrafena: Folge 7 : Das Talwar - Talwar: Folge 8 : Die Cinquedea - The Cinquedea: Folge 9 : Das Khyber-Messer - The Charay: Folge 10 : Der Degenbrecher - Sword Breaker Redemption: Folge 11 : Meister und Lehrling - Master & Apprentice: Folge 12 : Das Kachin Dha - The Kachin Dao: Folge 13 : Die.
  2. Photo: MetalsmithCraig Barr Makraka Bladesmith Craig Barr of Cotopaxi with two of the crew members from History Channel's Forged in Fire. Barr is holding the Makraka - an African sword he.
  3. The makraka is the task. This sickle-shaped knife of Central Africa is a close-range weapon of the Zande Warrior
  4. Makraka; Chakram; Mongol Composite Bow; All items (141) # A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z; Othe
  5. Different versions of this weapon included the Makraka that was used in rituals and for execution. Read also. 10 famous and powerful African kingdoms. 5. Assegai Image: instagram.com, @gingertomscuriouseclectic Source: Instagram. The Assegai is a form of a spear or javelin crafted from wood with an iron part mostly used for hurling or throwing. Before the introduction of guns, The Assegai was.

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  1. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art
  2. This group can alternte in cases like the tomahawk and can become a mid or long ranged weapons
  3. The Zande Warrior pulls out his Makraka and knocks the Maquahuitl out of the Aztec's hands. He swings the Makraka at him, but it gets logded in the Aztec's helmet. He struggles to free his weapon, but the Aztec Jaguar quickly reacts by slashing across the Zande's hip with his Tecpatl knife. The Zande Warrior falls to the ground and begins rolling down the hill. The Aztec Jaguar picks up his Maquahuitl and begins chasing the Zande Warrior, who is now back on his feet. The Zande Warrior rushes.
  4. Makraka (Zande) WEAPONS IN MYTHOLOGY AND LEGENDS. Excalibur (Legendary Sword of King Arthur) Poseidon's Trident; Mjölnir (Hammer of Thor) Cupid's Bow And Arrows; Cronus' Scythe ; Death's Scythe (Grim Reaper Scythe) Sword of Victory; Harpe (Perseus' Sword) Staff of Moses; Sword of Attila (Attila the Hun's Sword) Merlin's Staff; Hephaestus' Labrys (A Double-Headed Axe) WEAPONS.
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  6. Two beautiful and small Mambele/Makraka swords Good condition, engravings on the blades. +- 27cm in height Belgium private collection Carefully packed and shipped with Track&Trac
  7. 21 nov. 2017 - Mambele Sickle Sword, Northern Congo, also identified as the makraka sword of the Zande people

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Zande model knife - makraka. another inspiration for the Dynblaidd's short fighting blade What are the differences between a sword and a saber? While all sabers are swords, the opposite is not true. The definition has varied greatly throughout time and across geographical regions. Generally, a saber is a weapon that is sharpened all the way down a curved blade on only one side. While there are exceptions to the rule, most are designed to be yielded with one hand. The amount of. Azande Makraka: April 25, 2017 () 1.24: Results: 1. Craig Barr David Baker makes a basket-hilted sword with a Damascus steel blade and a historical recreation of a 12-piece decorated basket. 172: 8 The Massive Maguro Bocho Cleaver (using W1 steel from meat hooks) Maguro bōchō : January 6, 2021 () 0.92: Results: 1. Doug Zegel 2. Justin Workman 3. D.J. Brelje 4. Rob Kemensky 173: 9. Schrade Priscilla Makhaira Brush Sword with Molded Shoulder Sheath - Full Tang. In Stock - Ships Today. Quantity 0. Price: $0.00. 0 Item(s) in Your Cart. Subtotal: $0.00. You may also like... Max Edge Mini 2-Step Knife Sharpener $5.99 Now $3.98! Add to Cart Max Edge CLP Knife Lube - Use With All Blades, Long-Lasting, Inhibits Rust, Lifts Residue, Won't Dry Out - 1.5 Oz $6.99 Add to Cart.

One on one, the zande fases against he Maharlika with his sikle while the Maharlika sports his long sword. The Zande tries to move quick swiniging his knife but leaves him open for the Maharlika to stab him in the stomach. The Zande quickly feels the penetration backs off and drops his knife to run from the battle. With the zande having no gear his speed allows him to make great distance between him and his foe, however even though the Maharlika is far to make any kind of physical threat. The 2 leaders meet. The Zande leader draws his makraka and throws it at the headhunter. It misses so the Zande kicks the headhunter. Agitated, the headhunter picks up his sword but it's stolen by the Zande and he stabs it through the headhunter. Headhunters- 1 The other headhunter sees the kill and screams. Tears run down his cheek and he gets hit blowgun. He fires and the Zande takes a leg shot. Scared, the drops the gun and picks up the thrown makraka. Using each other's weapons, they.

Makraka: 91 Mid Range Maquahuitl: 319 Makrigga 289 Long Range Tlacochtli & Atlatl 86 Kpinga: 127 Special Weapons Tematlatl: 11 Botto & Pima 45 Totals 448 552 For short-range weapons, the Zande Warrior's makraka took the edge over the Aztec Jaguar's tecpatl sacrificial knife. In the test, both weapons were demonstrated as execution weapons. First, the tecpatl demonstrated human sacrifice. Aet_Sword: Naval Unit Key. pel_transport: Soldiers. 160. Amun-Re kommentiert die Szene mit den Worten: Nimm dir das Chepesch-Schwert zum Sieg über alle Fremdländer. Merenptah ließ die Stele, die hinter den Memnonkolossen in Theben-West stand, zu sich bringen, um die Rückseite zusätzlich zu beschriften. Die Merenptah-Stele Inhalt . Merenptah musste sich gegen den Angriff der Lebu behaupten. Four brave competitors march into a dry moat where they must resurrect old swords and forge them into a Viking Seax, using the time-tested coal forge. With hammers in full swing and multiple obstacles in their path, the smiths exhaust every ounce of their strength to produce weapons fit to withstand any test imaginable. In the final challenge, the remaining two smiths voyage home to recreate a pair of deadly Viking War Axes in their final fight for the coveted title of Forged In Fire champion Nov 13, 2016 - Hanwei 9th century viking sword. Modern interpretaion designed by Michael Tinker Pierc A new group of competitors face the unknown when they are tasked with using odd shapes of mystery steel to forge a blade in their signature style. All four smiths fight to the finish amidst painful injuries and setbacks. S4, Ep8. 23 May 2017

The Chinese War Sword: 142. 7-16: 08 Jan 20: The Sword in the Stone: 143. 7-17: 15 Jan 20: Charlemagne's Sword: 144. 7-18: 22 Jan 20: The Spanish Conquistador Sword: 145. 7-19: 29 Jan 20: The Pira: 146. 7-20: 29 Jan 20: French Pioneer Sword: 147. 7-21: 05 Feb 20: Darb Sri Gun Chai Battle Sword: 148. 7-22: 05 Feb 20: Zulu War Axe: 149. 7-23: 11. The photos you provided may be used to improve Bing image processing services Weapons shown on Deadliest Warrior.Throughout the show there have been a multitude of different weapons. All weapons are items with the exception of war animals Forged in Fire S04E04 Makraka. Alexanderingram. 42:41. Forged in Fire S 8 E 6 Forged in Fire Christmas - December 23, 2020 Forged in Fire - S08E07. Wentworth. 42:41 . Forged in Fire - S08E06 - Forged in Fire Christmas - December 23, 2020 || Forged in Fire - S08E07. lakornthai. 42:41. Forged in Fire Season 8 Episode 6 Forged in Fire Christmas - December 23, 2020 Forged in Fire - S08E07. Cihan.

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A series in which each episode pits four master bladesmiths against each other as they create cutting-edge weapons that harken back to the past Jun 29, 2020 - 250 Makraka: The finalists are tasked with crafting the Makraka - the sickle-shaped blade that was the favoured close-range weapon of the Zande warriors of Central Africa. (S4, ep 4) 5. Fans' Choice. This video is currently unavailable. 26 May 2017. 41min. Audio Languages. Fan's Vote: In a Forged in Fire first, fans vote online to bring back four of their favourite craftsmen for a second shot at. Join or Sign In. Sign in to customize your TV listings. Continue with Facebook Continue with email. By joining TV Guide, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge. Stream in HD Download in HD Forged in Fire Season 4 Episode 12 Four bladesmiths must forge blades from a giant elevator cable; two finalists return home to recreate the African Ngombe Ngulu, known as the executioner's sword

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In five days, the final pair must create in their own forge a Moro Kris sword, a blade with roots dating back to 300BC, in the season finale of this suspenseful and fiery History Channel series. Last Updated : S8E13 : San Mai Mystery . Add to favorites Season8 : 13.San Mai Mystery . 12.Machete of the Amazons. 11.Russian Special Forces Spetsnaz. 10.Headhunters Revenge. 9.Teeth Of The Tegha. 8. Forged in Fire - S07E34 - Super Champion Edition - July 29, 2020 || Forged in Fire - S07E35. asuhika-9255. 1:00:00. Forged in Fire - S07E05 - The Boa-Zande Sword - October 30, 2019 || Forged in Fire (30/10/2019) Best Videos. 1:00:00. Forged in Fire - S07E12 - November 27, 2019 || Forged in Fire (27/11/2019) NEW VISION Makraka Summary - Forged in Fire Season 4, Episode 4 Episode Guide. w iin. 4 years ago | 840 views. Watch Forged in Fire Season 4 Episode 4 Online Full Episode Free. 7-DAY ACCESS FOR FREE! Let's visit. ----------------------------------------------------. CLICK HERE @ http://watch.flixtvseries.com/tv/62884-4-4/forged-in-fire.html Makraka. Length-2 feet. Weight-2.5lbs. Material-Iron, Wood and Hide. Altough usually used for execution, the sharp edge makes it an acceptable secondary combat weapon. The sharp point can easily catch an enemy on the neck or even slide between ribs and cut through internal organs Khopesh (ḫpš; also vocalized khepesh) is an Egyptian sickle-sword that evolved from battle axes. [1] [2] A typical Khopesh is 50-60 cm (20-24 inches) in length, though smaller examples also exist. The inside curve of the weapon could be used to trap an opponent's arm, or to pull an opponent's shield out of the way. These weapons changed from bronze to iron in the New Kingdom period..

It requires a unique style of sword fighting to use to it's full advantage. Other civilizations have their established training regimen and sword fighting doctrines. Their word also holds traditional significance as a matter of tradition. The Shot.. The Historical Swords take in several thousand years of history dating back to 1600 BC, from the Egyptians to the present.Historical swords includes just about every war or conflict known to man. Every culture through the ages had some type of edged weapon for self defense against man or animal. Just to name a few Historical swords the claymore, rapier, gladius, saber, katana, scrimitar, short. It's a sword that would make Rob Roy green with envy! Be the talk of your next Highland charge with this two-handed longsword with a 3.5 foot double-edged blade forged of finest Clydebridge steel. Tiny quatrefoils at the end of the quillons add a whimsical touch to the forward-sloping cross hilt. Pair it with blue war paint, your clan tartan, and the blood of your enemies, and you'll be.

  1. Actually the answer to this question is quite straightforward once you see the distribution of these types of sickle swords in Africa: The classical Khopesh is attested as far south as the El Kurru region in Upper Nubia. The makraka was used by the Zande people who literally border Upper Nubia. Convergent evolution must be ruled out in this case
  2. The Azande were a tribe in Northern Central Africa - mainly in The Congo. They were ruthless killers, and even made a throwing knife that was considered so evil that it was banned for time in certain parts of Africa. They were also very good at using a makrigga, a barbed spear, or a Makraka, a curved knife. They would also never go into battle without their signature shield, and maybe a couple of poison tipped arrows for long distance fighting. They were at their strongest in.
  3. Gauntlet-Sword. This specialized sword is built into a stiff gauntlet. You cannot drop or be disarmed of a gauntlet-sword. It takes an action to don or doff a gauntlet sword. Grapeshot. Instead of a single bullet, a large number of tiny projectiles fill a canister of grapeshot ammunition. Upon firing, the projectiles fly in a line 5 foot wide and as long as the gun's normal range. You can.
  4. ates in the reaping of grain and is even found in modern grain-harvesting mac
  5. utes of repeating the same attacks and blocks, the Viking rammed the Zande with his shield and as he knocked the Zande down, the Viking stabbed him in the heart with his.

Jul 6, 2017 - Hanwei Mortuary Hilt Sword. Modern recreation. Grip wire added to hilt These Legendary Fighters Wielded the Fiercest Swords in History. Meet the Cast. Grady Powell. J. Neilson. Doug Marcaida. David Baker. See Who Else Is Featured. Sign up for HISTORY's Forged In Fire. With a small variety of metal objects to choose their metal from, four new competitors attempt to forge a knife in their own style. In five days, the final pair must create in their own forge a Moro Kris sword, a blade with roots dating back to 300BC, in the season finale of this suspenseful and fiery History Channel series. Read more Season 8:. S8, Ep13: Episode #8.13 EUR NA. S8, Ep12: Episode #8.12 EUR NA. S8, Ep11: Episode #8.11 EUR NA. S8, Ep10: Episode #8.10 EUR NA. S8, Ep09: Teeth Of The Tegha EUR NA. S8, Ep08: The Massive Maguro Bocho EUR NA. S8, Ep07: Judges' Home Forge Battle EUR NA. S8, Ep06: Forged in Fire Christmas EUR NA

Nov 29, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Robert Cooper. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Talwar sword: History of the weapon recreated on Forged in Fire. Forged in Fire: What is an Akrafena? One makraka two makraka plus a karambit on Forged in Fire. Forged in Fire: Medical drama as. Forged in Fire - Se4 - Ep10 - Sword Breaker Redemption HD Watch. JimyyPETITT21016. Takip et. 6 saat önce | 0 görüntüleme. Forged in Fire - Se4 - Ep10 - Sword Breaker Redemption. Bildir. Daha fazla videoya gözat. Sonraki oynatılıyor. 41:58.

A Weapon is a tool for war used by a warrior to maim, kill, or disable his enemy Four bladesmiths forge a karambit, a curved knife that resembles a claw, with the two finalists crafting a deadly African weapon called the Makraka

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Sickle Sword - Metal, Wood - Makraka - Nzakara - DR Congo

Four brave competitors march into a dry moat where they must resurrect old swords and forge them into a Viking Seax, using the time-tested coal forge. Buy HD $2.99 More purchase option Makraka : Four bladesmiths face a new twist in the first round when they learn they can't forge any blade in their own style, they must forge a karambit, a curved knife that resembles a claw. The final two competitors have five days to forge one of the deadliest weapons in African history-the Makraka. Episode found on: 1. Click here to watch now. » 2. Buy: $1.99 SD, $2.99 HD » AD.

After a couple of intense rounds of putting their skills and calculators to the test, two competitors earn the right to return to their home forges and craft the largest sword in Forged in Fire history--the William Wallace sword. While two smiths will enter the final testing arena, only one will emerge victorious with $10,000 and the title of Forged in Fire Champion Season 2 guide for Forged in Fire: Cutting Deeper TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Track Forged in Fire: Cutting Deeper season 2 episodes Makraka. 8.4 (21) 0. Rate. 1. Rate. 2. Rate. 3. Rate. 4. Rate. 5. Rate. 6. Rate. 7. Rate. 8. Rate. 9. Rate. 10. Rate. 0. Error: please try again. Four bladesmiths face a new twist in the first round when they learn they can't forge any blade in their own style, they must forge a karambit, a curved knife that resembles a claw. The smiths spring into action and uncoil their finest weapon-making. Very Rare and Unusual Triple Blade Indian Sword. Saved by Dolores Fernandez. 10

s04e04 - Makraka; s04e05 - Fans' Choice; s04e06 - Akrafena; s04e07 - Talwar; s04e08 - The Cinquedea; s04e09 - The Charay; s04e10 - Sword Breaker Redemption; s04e11 - Master & Apprentice; s04e12 - Ngombe Ngulu; s04e13 - The Shamshir; s04e14 - The Kachin Dao; s04e15 - The Gladiators' Scissor; s04e16 - The Kampilan; s04e17 - The Kpinga ; s04e18 - The Yatagan; s04e19 - International Championship. S4:E 4 Makraka Free | TV-PG | Jan 1, 2017 | 43m Four bladesmiths face a new twist in the first round when they learn they can t forge any blade in their own style, they must forge a karambit, a curved knife resembling a claw

Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Event Preisgeld im TV Programm von TVinfo - sehen was im Fernsehprogramm läuft. Mit vielen Bildern, Infos, Trailern und Insidertipps für jeden TV Sender Name Air Dates; 1: Sword of Perseus : Oct 9, 2019: 2: General Patton's Saber : Oct 16, 2019: 3: The Jian Sword : Oct 23, 2019: 4: The Rock-Throwing Crossbow: Oct 23, 201 After a grueling second round, the two remaining smiths have just five days to create an iconic 15th century combat sword - the Katzbalger. HD; CC; Apr 18, 2017 ; 42 Minutes; EPISODE 4 Makraka. Four bladesmiths face a new twist in the first round when they learn they can't forge any blade in their own style, they must forge a karambit, a curved knife that resembles a claw. The smiths spring.

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The 'singing' swords of Saladin. Forged In Fire. Forged In Fire: The ULTIMATE strength test. Forged In Fire. Meet the Cast. Grady Powell. Meet the new host of Forged In Fire. Grady Powell is a former U.S. Army Green Beret and Senior Detachment Weapons Sergeant. David Baker. David Baker is a world-renowned swordsmith who specializes in recreating some of world's rarest edged weapons. J. J. Neilson, a knife and sword expert, [1] holds the rank of Master Smith within the American Bladesmith Society. He has over 20 years' experience in making knives and edged weapons. [2] [6] He examines the weapons' technical qualities and tests their durability. [3] In Season 3, Neilson took a leave of absence in order to have surgery on his hand and returned in later episodes of Season 4.

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